Apple iCar

Apple has made several hardware over the last few years, the iPhone and Apple TV being made most recently. But what’s next for Apple? Well, it looks like Apple is going to get much larger as it is planning to launch the iCar. Currently, the iCar is only a idea but already there are concepts being designed for the iCar. Apple has already teamed up with Volkswagen in order to produce a car which is up to date with the latest technology. Apple has clearly said they would not be doing the mechanics of the car, they will only be fitting in the technology inside.

MacLife, a magazine that looks into Apple technology designed a concept of an Audi car (part of Volkswagen) that has been fitted inside with the latest gadgets. Here is what they came up with. 

On the third picture, you can see a form of control panel which contain similar “icons” to the iPhone, meaning it could contain applications such as Maps and could contain other applications, such as AutoDrive?

Via Mac Life

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